ENVOY Tugboat

W165 ENVOY Class Tugboat from WWII
         1/48 scale - 43.5” x  9.75”

From a Model Slipways kit and fully RC, it has excellent detail. 
It has been weathered to simulate a few months at sea.
These Tugs were built & completed in 1944 & used as Fleet Tugs in WWII. 
Fitted with a 12-pounder Deck Gun, Oerlikon 20 mm cannons, & Colt Machine Guns.

  • WW II ENVOY - Port Side
    WW II ENVOY - Port Side
  • Busy Ship
    Busy Ship
  • Lots of Detail
    Lots of Detail
  • Mid-section
  • Towing Bit
    Towing Bit
  • WW II ENVOY - Starboard Side
    WW II ENVOY - Starboard Side
  • Zooming in
    Zooming in
  • Details
  • Stern Area
    Stern Area
  • Towing Bit
    Towing Bit
  • Fully RC
    Fully RC