AHTS Ice Breaker

Anchor Handling Tugboat & Supply

This is 1/32 model of a vessel designed for shallow sea artic operation in support of off shore exploration.

  • The hull is fiberglass from Loyalhanna at a scale of 1/32.  It is 83" long and 18" wide.
  • It is powered by two - 800 series, 12 VDC motors, each with a 2.1 to 1 belt reduction drive
  • The motors each drive a 4" PropShop propellor -1 LH & 1 RH
  • Each motor has a seperate ESC for independent and proportional forward & reverse throttle.
  • Power is from a car battery located under the winch area
  • Working scale bow thruster for better manuverability
  • Proportional turbo diesel sound and exhaust adds to the realism
  • It has full lights - and the fire suppression water cannons work!
  • 2 watt transmitter of closed circuit TV from the bridge for FPV